Dina A. Krenzischek, PhD, RN, CPAN, CFRE, FAAN, FASPAN

Dr. Dina A. Krenzischek is the Director of Professional Practice in the Division of Nursing at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland.  She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at St. Paul University, Philippines; her Master’s in Administrative Science at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland and PhD in Management in Warren National University in Wyoming.

Her role as a Director of Nursing includes EBP, Research, Nursing Practice Council Advisor representing all inpatient, outpatient, perioperative, intensive care units and other specialty units, Advisor for Nursing Policy, Procedure, Protocol and Guidelines, Advisor for Perianesthesia Practice Committee.  Other experiences include Nurse Manager of the Perianesthesia Care Units, Medical and Coronary Intensive Care Unit Charge Nurse and Nursing Medical Supervisor at the Johns Hopkins Hospital; Director of Perianesthesia Nursing at Inova Hospital in Virginia and covered cardiac, pediatric, outpatient, inpatient, endoscopy and GYN perianesthesia care units; and Charge Nurse in Medical Center Manila, Philippines in the Emergency Room and Operating Room.

At the state level, she is active member of the Chesapeake Bay Society of PeriAnesthesia (CBSPAN- Baltimore, Delaware, Washington DC, Eastern and Western Maryland) and was a Past President.  She was a Co-Founder and Past President of the Philippines Nurses Association of Maryland Chapter (PNAMC), Certified Foundation Research Executive and serve as a Director of PNAMC Foundation and is currently active as an Advisor.  In the past, she was appointed by the Governor of Maryland as a member of the Maryland State Commission on Nursing Shortage.

Nationally, she has served as a Chair of the Presidents’ Council of the Philippines Nurses Association of America (PNAA) and remained as an active member. Her roles in the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses (ASPAN) were Past President, Director of Research, initiated ASPAN Safety Task Force and served as a Coordinator of Safety Strategic Work team.  She is currently member of the ASPAN EBP/Research Committee and Educational Provider.  Currently serving as the Treasurer of the Council of Surgical Perioperative Safety (CSPS).   She is a member of ASPAN, CBSPAN, PNAA, ANA, Sigma Theta Tau, CSPS, and American Academy of Nursing Fellow (AANF).

She is currently involved in various activities: Primary Investigator of ASPAN’s Delphi Study on Pain and Comfort, ASPAN’s Co-Investigator on Acuity and Workload Index, led the review and update of ASPAN’s Position Statement on Air Quality and Occupational Hazard Exposure Prevention which include Waste Anesthetic Gas in the PACU and actively collaborating with NIOSH. She is a Co-Investigator/ Advisor of 30 active nursing clinical IRB protocols in various specialties at Mercy Medical Center and serves as a mentor of DNP students. Recently, co-edited two books on Bedside Safety Practice and authored book chapters related to perianesthesia nursing. In April 2018, she was recognized and received an award by the Baltimore Magazine with Maryland Nurses Association as the Top Nurse Researcher and honored as one of the 1st Fellows of the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses (ASPAN). In the past, she received an ASPAN’s Presidential Award.