Brian J. Cammarata, MD

Dr. Cammarata is a partner with Old Pueblo Anesthesia (OPA) and is actively involved in clinical practice.  His roles within OPA include director of risk management, director of quality assurance and member of the executive committee.  He has practiced at Tucson Medical Center (TMC) for approximately ten years.  His medical staff participation includes Chairman of Anesthesiology, Director of Medical Informatics and member of the medical executive committee.

At the state level, he is an active member of the Arizona Society of Anesthesiologists (AzSA) and Arizona Medical Association (ArMA).  He is currently president of the AzSA.  His roles within the AzSA have included member of the board of directors, treasurer and vice president.  His roles within ArMA include member of the finance committee. 

At the national level, Dr. Cammarata is an active member of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA).  His currently participates as a member of several ASA committees including Professional Liability, Patient Safety/Education and Surgical Anesthesia.

Dr. Cammarata completed undergraduate, medical school and anesthesiology residency training at the University of Arizona.  In addition to subspecialty training in Cardiovascular Anesthesia, he completed a Pain Management Fellowship in 2004.  His academic appointments include Clinical Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology in the University of Arizona Department of Anesthesiology.